You don’t have to be a furnace mind-reader. Just check your old filter, the measurements are usually printed on the side. If you don’t have a filter- measure the inside dimensions of your return air vent- the length, width and space for the thickness of the filter. Most furnaces require a 1″ thick filter, but there are also some that go up to 5″.

  • There’s no single answer. It depends on the number of people in your home, whether there are smokers, whether you own pets, whether you have a home-incense business. (Just kidding.)  The more stuff that goes into the air, the more often your filters need to be changed.  During the winter and summer, when heating and cooling systems kick in, we recommend that you check your air filters every month.  When you see a coating of dust and dirt, they need to be replaced.  A rough guide is:

1” filters: Check/replace monthly
2” filters: Check monthly/replace every 2 month
4″ filters: Check monthly/replace every 6 months
5” filters (compatible with Honeywell): Check monthly/replace every 6 months

Don’t feel that way, we get asked that all the time! Most air filters are found close to your furnace or heating and air conditioning system air handler. These systems can be located in your basement, attic, closets or garage. You may also have air filters located in your return vents that are throughout your home.

Conventional filters trap dirt on the surface. Carbon filters, attract and trap particles on a molecular level, preventing re-circulation. That increases their effectiveness in eliminating tough and persistent odors caused by cigarette smoke, cooking, pets odors and other scent factories. While carbon filters are pleated, don’t be misled – ordinary pleated filters just mask the odors.

Big time.  Let us quote the “Energy Star website” – they are part of the EPA. ”A dirty filter will slow down air flow and make the system work harder to keep you warm or cool- wasting energy. A clean filter will also prevent dust and dirt from building up in the system.”

Get the….ummm…drift.  By regularly changing your air filter you will both filter the harmful contaminants in your air, and extend the life of your heating and cooling system.  In other words –  reduced likelihood of expensive maintenance and early system failure for your heating equipment…and your personal equipment!

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value – MERV –  is a standard that rates the overall effectiveness of air filters.  The higher the MERV rating the better the filtration, meaning fewer dust particles and other airborne contaminants can pass through.  We can’t account for changes in first-name popularity.

We thought you’d never ask. Most people can’t remember the last time they changed their air filters. Can you?  Case closed.  Indoor Wellness delivers our high-performance, professional-grade filters to your door – notifying you when it is time to change them.  No more shopping or struggling to remember your filter size.  Everything else that’s important to your family’s well-being is now being delivered.  We’re proud to add filters to the list.