About Us

Americans are paying closer attention to how we take care of our bodies – and what we put into them.

But what about the air we put into our lungs? Most people don’t give it a second thought.

At Indoor Wellness it’s all we think about. Every breath we take is committed to every breath you take!

That’s the focus of indoorwellness.com – the first site dedicated to the air inside your home and helping improve it.

We’ve been obsessed with the air inside our homes ever since we launched Rotobrush over 20 years ago – the leading manufacturer of the heavy-duty air duct cleaning vacuums that trusted professionals use daily.

We’ve seen, thousands of times a day, how people aren’t changing their furnace filters enough, and how they don’t pay enough attention to indoor air pollution in general.

That inspired us to find the best filters we could – they meet our tough, tough standards, and are made here in the U.S., unlike many of the ones sold in stores – and offer them on a subscription basis.

We’re also going to be bringing you innovative cleaning and purification products that contribute to a healthy indoor lifestyle.

There’s a lot of exciting technology and innovation going on. You can count on us to rigorously test each item because it shows up on our website.

We can’t control the air our family breathes when they’re outside our houses. But we can control what happens inside. That’s our mission, and we hope it helps you breathe easier.