Americans are paying closer attention to their own health and wellness more so than in the past decade. Generally, people are more aware and proactive about what they eat, how frequently they exercise, the chemicals they use (or don’t use) to clean counters, bathrooms, kitchens, carpets and more; they’re more conscience about the quality of air they breathe.

As a nation, we’re making great strides in outdoor air quality. Indoor Wellness recognizes these efforts to improve our surroundings, and we are here to help further these efforts by providing top quality air conditioner filters and all-natural cleaning products available on demand.


For years, we’ve been obsessed with the air inside our homes—beginning with the launch of Rotobrush 20 years ago, the leading manufacturer of the heavy-duty air duct cleaning vacuums. Trusted air-duct and HVAC professionals see, daily, the severe lack of attention people give their furnace, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems—despite their avid proclamation for better air quality and general personal wellness. The system that cleans and recycles the air you breathe in your house daily is dirtier than ever. People simply aren’t changing their air filters frequently enough. And, they’ve replaced quality for convenience. Currently, indoor air pollution is ranked by the EPA as one of the top five environmental risks to public health.


Realizing this inspired us to provide the highest quality air conditioning filters in the most convenient way possible. We’ve made the Air Filters on Demand service more simple than ever, and we work to help you along the way. The air filters we sell meet strict, high standards, and are made in Texas. They come recommended by HVAC contractors and professionals and are even used by military buildings and schools. We’ve learned families are genuinely healthier when using better quality air filters, and changing them regularly, because their indoor air source is cleaned; its free of dust, pollen, germs and bacteria and other invisible air pollutants.

We can’t always control the environment outside, but we can control the environment and air quality inside. That’s our mission, and we hope it helps you to live life better indoors.